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verantwortlich: Nicole Anders


GYROKINESIS® method is a movement system which trains the body as a spherical form in order to balance and regain well being. The spine is regarded as the central element and spinal mobilities radiate out to the entire body in order to support all motions.
The class begins with self-massage and simple breathing coordination that awakens the body and stimulates energy channels. After resonating with the body, the class gradually expands to an increased range of motion while sitting on a floor, kneeling, lying on a mat or standing.
The rhythmic, spiraling sequences never hold static positions which releases extra tension and increases the functional capacity of the spine. The core of the body is strengthened and centers into its own axis which improves posture, prevents injury and releases blockages around the neck, shoulder, back and pelvis.
The corresponding breathing patterns enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation to massage internal organs and harmonize body, mind and emotions to overcome lethargy. By the end of the class, one's whole body system is addressed and brought into more intelligent equilibrium.
Open to all levels. Please bring conformable sports outfit, water, and hand towel for the course.

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: keine

Wichtiger Hinweis:

  • Bitte bringt wenn möglich eine eigene Matte mit. Die Matten des Hochschulsportes dürfen nur mit einem großen Handtuch genutzt werden.


Was ist mitzubringen?
Sportzeug, Getränk, Matte, Handtuch, eventuell Socken und Jacke zum Drüberziehen




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