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Movement improvisation and music - Indoor
verantwortlich: Nicole Anders

Movement improvisation and music

Through the means of improvised body movement, this proposal seeks to lead us into a greater insight and understanding of the relationship between sound and body, between music and movement. We will seek through the practice to deepen a process of amplification of our sensory and sensitive capacities, altering the order of perceptual hierarchies in order to understand the listening process as one that happens in the whole body. We will listen to both familiar and unusual sounds, instrumental and electronic ones, we will immerse ourselves in various rhythmic structures and sound frequencies, in silences and noises. Through the dialectical work between body movement and sound movement, it is aimed to create a space for reflection on the potential capacity the body has to communicate and connect with others in various ways, to create collective spaces where a plurality of voices are heard and act. 

Dance improvisation refers to a process of movement creation that emerges spontaneously from an instinctive impulse. It is deeply connected to a sense of continuum of the present time as there is not prior structure or choreography defined. The motive to generate movement can come from an extensive variety of tasks, but in all, those motors are meant to bring along images, references, emotions, sensations, thoughts which could trigger the impulse to move. 

The compositions we will work with will be provided and advised by the composer and multi-instrumentalist Otacílio Melgaço.

Prior knowledge: No need. Open for anyone interested in dance improvisation and/or the physical and practical exploration of sound"



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