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Yoga - Outdoor
verantwortlich: Nicole Anders

Hatha yoga focuses on posture and breathing techniques, traditionally to channel vital energy source. In Sanskrit, Hatha translates to force. In our Yoga classes we are going to focus on aligning movement and breath to build strength and flexibility, while letting go of tension and achieving a clear and peaceful mind.

As summer is approaching, we are going to practice outside and literally salute the sun! We will be meeting at the entrance of the ?Sommerbad Humboldthain? 5 minutes before the class starts. From there, we will find a nice spot in the park together. The class will be taught at any weather (with the exception of storms and heavy rains of course).

I am looking forward to flowing with you!


Mitzubringen ist eine eigene Matte (oder Decke / Tuch). Ihr kommt am besten direkt in Yoga-Kleidung und habt auch etwas Wärmeres zum Überziehen dabei.

4187941Hatha (EN)Mo17:00-18:3015.4.24-15.7.24Karolin Tockhorn
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